All Drives Icons Missed?

To fix all the drive icons ,do the following steps :
  • First get any .ico files that you want to display as your drive icons.Say that icon file is gagan.ico and put in it in C:\WINDOWS\Icons.
  • Then open Start and click on RUN.
  • Type regedit in it and press Enter.
  • Registry Editor will open.
  • Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>>Software>>Microsoft>>Windows>>CurrentVersion>>Explorer>>DriveIcons
And under DriveIcons you will see names of your drives example C,D,E...

Suppose if your D drive icon is gone just go to DriveIcons and double click on it.

In the right hand side panel, right click on default and select modify and put in the path of your drive icon.
For example :


Screen shot:

Screenshot of my drive icons :

Download My Drive Icons : Click here to download

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