Bsnl Add-on Usage cheacker for mozilla

Now its easy to Check your BSNL DataOne usage in Firefox at click of a button.
A color coded progress bar and bandwidth usage tracking helps you stay within your monthly cap and efficiently utilize your bandwidth.

You don't need to take time every day (or every few hours) to log in to the usage site, click through to the relevant page and grok the details; DataFox will give you the info you need instantly in your statusbar, additional information is available in the tooltip. Statusbar and tooltip strings are completely customizable.

The progress bar gives you an idea of the amount of bandwidth from your monthly limit already consumed. Color coding as as well as surplus bandwidth calculations let you know instantly whether you need to conserve bandwidth or whether you have loads to spare. If you're overlimit on a particular day, the progress bar will be orange with red text, normally it's cyan with black text.

1)After installation . Click Tools > Add-Ons in firefox.
2)Select Options in DataFox .Follow the steps shown in the image below

3)Right click on icon at right side-corner-bottom and click update.

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