Tips TO Stop Game Lagging

Some PC games like San Andreas, NFS , etc..
Playing these games with 512MB RAM can sometime becomes an irritating job. If you have 512 MB RAM and are suffering from GAME LAGGING here are few tips with which you can smoothly run PC games whose minimum requirement is 512MB RAM.

1) Exit all the running applications : Close all the running programs like anti virus, firewall, anti spyware, download managers and all other programs that starts up automatically when PC starts. You can view and close all the applications from the task bar.
These applications eats up resources and making your PC slow thus resulting in GAME LAGGING.

2) Do not use Windows Vista for playing PC games : If you have 512MB RAM do not install Windows Vista and if you have installed it do not play any game in it. You can dual boot your system with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

3) Windows XP Gamer Edition : There is an unattended version of Windows XP known as XP Gamer Edition. Its just of 148MB and playing games in it will really feel like heaven. You can download this version from any torrent websites.

4) Disconnect from Internet and then play : There are many applications that automatically updates when you are connected to Internet. This results in use of more RAM and the game you are playing gets less RAM resulting in GAME LAGGING.

5) Do not use CD/DVD for playing games. Instead you can use the NO CD Games Patches. You can get all the patches from GameCopyWorld.

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