Make Your Own Http File Server

Use your old PC to make it a Http File Server. You can access any of your file/folder anytime.

There is website known as that provides a software HFS ( HTTP File Server) with which you can :

  • Use it to send and receive files.

  • Access your remote files, over the network.

  • Control Bandwidth.
How to use it :

If you have any old PC that you do not use now, just connect it to Internet and download HFS from here.

  • If you want to share any file or folder or your whole drive just double click on it and it will start and you will be given an IP Address.
Just drag and drop any file and folder into the left panel and in the Menu click on Self Test.

For more info on how to use it click here.

If you are facing any problem using this application you can read HFS Documentation or ask your problem in this forum.

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