Calling tricks

You can simply automate most of your operations like talking to a customer care representative.

Lets first analyze what happened when you dial your customer care you want to directly talk to customer care

representative and you want to cut out the crap that you have to listen and press the corresponding keys on your

phone to go forward.

So when you dial number, +12345678, followed by “p” character, which means pause. The “p character will pause the

Dial sequence for 1 second“. If you find 1 second is not enough, you can enter more “p” characters

If you want to automate the call and don’t want to press the keys do it this way.

Lets assume that your customer care no is 121 and the combination of keys you have to press is 1120

So to automate this process type 121p1p1p2p0 and press the dial button you will be directly routed to the

customer care representative ,you can use this procedure to answer any automated system.

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