How To Read Deleted SMS In Nokia Mobiles

How to get deleted SMS back. Sometimes by mistake some important message gets deleted but you can still read that SMS.

Requirements :

1) Any File Explorer like FExplorer etc

Lets Start :
  • Whenever any SMS gets deleted just open your File Explorer (here I am taking FEplorer)
  • In your FExplorer C: Drive is your phone memory and E: Drive is your Memory Card. So we have to look in C: Drive.
  • Now your SMS is saved in C:\ drive, just select and open it and go to System.

  • In the System folder look for Mail and open it.

  • In the Mail folder you will see some folders named 00001001_S, 00100000_S, 00100001_S, 00100002_S and these folders contains files like 00001000, 00100000, 001000001 etc....

  • These files are the messages that you delete from your Inbox. You have to manually check all the files.
  • Now to view your deleted message just select the file and go to Options >> File >> Hex/Text Viewer. When you will select Hex/Text Viewer you will be able to read your deleted messages

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