How To Increase The Size Of C Drive in Windows XP

When ever you install any program, by default it gets installed in your C drive thus reducing the size of C drive. And when it is filled users start getting annoying balloon messages at the taskbar saying Memory is too low....

So to overcome this problem here is the solution to it :

>> Go to your D or E drive and create a New Folder and name it Gagan.

>> Now press Windows+R and type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter.

>> A new Window will pop up named Disk Management.

>> Right click on (C:) and select Change Drive Letters a
nd Paths. For help

>> Now click on Add and browse to the Gagan folder created in first step and click OK. For help see this screenshot

Thats it !! Now size of the C: drive is increased and in future you will not get any message about low disk space.