Top And Latest High Paying Keywords

Good traffic, soo many clicks, lots of visitors and still poor earnings ? Then this post will be really helpful for you. Here is a list of top and latest high paying keywords that will increase your adsense earnings.

First let me tell you what are keywords and how to use these keywords to earn more from Adsense.

Keywords : Keywords are the words that people enters in the search engine to find websites. The search engines then checks its database and provide you with list of websites. Thus keywords can increase your traffic through search engines.
The ads that appear on the websites depends upon the keywords only. So if you have high paying keywords then you can earn more $$ per click. So here is a list of top high paying keywords for you

Keywords giving more than 30 USD :
Mesothelioma , Structured settlement , Vioxx attorney

Keywords giving more than 20 USD :

Search Engine Marketing, Help Desk, Donate A Car, Cord Blood, Refinance,

Keywords giving more than 10 USD :
Forex, Student Loan Consolidation, Web Hosting, Medical, Data Recovery.

Keywords giving more than 5 USD :

Affiliate Program, California Divorce Lawyer, Fraud, Invention, Personal Loan.

Keywords giving more than 1 USD :
Haircut, Lung Cancer, Donation, Online Degree.

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