How To Change Windows XP Set Up Look

Whenever you intall Windows XP and installation starts, a boring blue screen appears and your installation continues.Is'nt that really a boring screen ?? But what if I say you can change this all to your own screen and text. :d !!

Yes it is possible !! See this screenshot of the hacked version of Windows setup ;
So hows the new look ???

In this post I am going to tell you that how you can add your own images and text. So lets start.
Requirements :

For this tutorial you will need 4 things :

1) Windows XP CD
2) Resource Hacker : You will get it in the next of my post.
3) Winrar : Google is you can get it easliy.
3) The image you want to replace

Now lets start :
  • Now I start this tutorial thinking that you know the basics of Resource Hacker.
  • Just download the Resource Hacker and insert your XP CD into your CD ROM.
  • Now search for the Winntbbu.dll file in it. If you do not find it then search for WINNTBBU.DL.
  • When you find this file open it with Winrar it and extract Winntbbu.dll from it.
  • Now in Resource Hacker open that Winntbbu.dll file.
  • Now in the left hand side panel go to Bitmap >> 103 >> 1033.
  • Right click on 1033 and replace it with your image.
Note : Make sure that your image should be in .bmp format

For help see this screenshot :

If you want to change the text you can change it by going to String Table
Just go to String Table and click on 1 and change the te
xt you want and then click on Compile Script. This way you can change all your text from 1 to 63

See this screenshot, how I changed the text :

Before changing the text :

After changing the text :
  • Now save the file.
  • Now the saved file is in .dll format and we have to change it to .DL_
  • So to change it we again require Winrar.
  • Now right click on the file and select add to archive... and change the name from Winntbbu.rar to Winntbbu.DL_ and click OK.
See this screenshot for help :
Now replace Winntbbu.DL_ in your CD with this file and make a bootable CD. And from now when you will install Windows your new image will be displayed as background.

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