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The traditional banner ads and even contextual advertising (like AdSense) is not really working on social news sites so web companies like Facebook and Digg are trying more innovative ways to get the advertiser’s message across to their users without actually annoying them.

For instance, Digg introduced a new advertising platform early this month that gives users more control over advertisements that get displayed on the Digg website. Digg users can vote or even bury an ad just like they interact with other non-sponsored stories on Digg.

The more an ad is Dugg, the less the advertiser will have to pay. Conversely the more an ad is buried, the more the advertiser is charged, pricing it out of the system.

Taking a cue from Digg, Google is introducing a slightly similar form of advertising in Orkut where users will have the option to trash ads that they dislike.

Called Orkut Promote, this is sort of a self-advertising platform where advertisers as well as regular Orkut users can promote their content including photos, videos or text content among the Orkut community. Google will charge advertisers for promotion while regular Orkut members won’t pay have to pay a fee for using Orkut promote.

It works like this. Say I want to spread a community on Orkut. I create a new promotion in my Orkut account with the details . As soon as I publish this promotion, all my other friends on Orkut can see it and if they like it enough, they can further promote it to their own circle of friends. Or they may just decide to trash it.

To get started, watch out for a link on you Orkut profile that says " Promote on Orkut" – the service isn’t live for everyone yet.
Orkut Promote will be another tab to your Orkut profile page and Google will use the tab to display promotions from both advertisers and other Orkut users (i.e., your friends). You can trash or re-promote sponsored promotions in the same way as your friends’ promotions.

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