Intel Core 2 Processor with Viiv Technology For Desktops

Get sensational HD audio and video performance for your digital entertainment.
Intel Core2 processor with Viiv technology delivers entertainment-optimised technologies that rock the HD audio and video experience. Desktops based on the Intel Core 2 processor with Viiv technology are loaded with a new 45nm hafnium-infused dual-core or quad-core processor.
Sensational high-definition experience
Discover sharper images, smoother playback, and unbelievable superb processing performance.
Multitaskers, meet your processor
Watch HD video while you run compute-intensive applications like virus protection in the background - without slowing down.
Outstanding surround sound
Experience stunning audio for movies and music with support for up to 7.1 surround sound with Intel High-Definition Audio.Vibrant visuals
With Intel Graphics, enjoy 1080p video playback for movie clips, media streams, and the latest generation of HD video cameras.
Need a boost?
With an Intel Core2 Duo processor inside, gain 70 percent more performance when encoding HD footage from your video camera with Intel HD Boost.

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