What Is Torrents

Bit Torrent is a free, open source file sharing technology. Bit Torrent is particularly effective when it comes to large software / media applications such as movies, music, etc. To begin using bit torrent you will want some sort of bit torrent client. A number of these are reviewed and compared in the bit torrent clients section.

Once you have downloaded and installed a torrent client, you will need to download .torrent files. These are very small files that contain the necessary information to begin a fullscale download. Torrent files can be found in a number of places; be sure to check our bit torrent sites listing to find some good resources.

Once you have downloaded the necessary .torrent file for whatever movie, music file, or software application you are trying to obtain, you simply open this file using your bit torrent client. You may be prompted regarding certain preferences, but your download should start as soon as you respond.

Bittorrent Technology

The Bittorrent technology is very interesting in that it allows users to upload and download simultaneously. This results in a much faster transfer time for everyone. In the true bit torrent spirit, the more one uploads the faster the download. Unfortunately some bit torrent clients have changed this effect. As the author himself says on his website, the potential for bittorrent is almost endless. This is because every new users brings not only demand, but also supply as he downloads. The more of a file a user downloads the more that user is able to share with others.

What does seeds peers and Leachers mean in torrents?

Seeds -> uploaders
Peers -> Peopledownloading and uploading
Lechers-> dowloaders

Seeds: A(B)
Peers: C(D)

General Tab:
Seeds: A of B connected (E in swarm)
Peers: C of D connected (F in swarm)

A - Connected Seeds
B - Known about seeds (connected in the past/currently connected)
C - Connected downloaders
D - Known peers (connected in the past/currently connected/unconnected)

E - Seeds as reported by tracker
F - Peers as reported by tracker.

Values will rarely match actual swarm totals

You need utorrent to download and install a torrent client for your computer. A torrent client is a program that will allow you to connect to other users and manage your downloads. There are many different clients available for free.

Download : Click here to download free utorrent

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