Premium Crystal XP Theme

Download : If you like this theme you can download it from

Installation Instructions :

You might have got bored with green and blue Windows XP default theme and you fear that if you install a third party software your PC will run slow like by installing Windows Blinds a PC having 1 GB RAM also works as 512 RAM PC.

Install themes that will not make your PC slow.

Step 1) Download Uxtheme Multi-patcher 5.5 from here.

Step2) Now download any theme and copy it and paste it in C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes

You have successfully installed a new theme into Windows XP

Step3) Now to apply that theme right click on desktop and click on Properties. A new Window will pop up, select Appearance tab and from the drop down menu select your installed theme and click on Apply and OK and then click OK again.

You can get alot of themes from

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