Get Rs 100 FREE talktime on Airtel

Beep is the latest cool product to hit the mobile phone market.
Ads directly on mobile screens. By installing this applicatio you will get RS:100 with in 1-3 days.

NowPos has tied up with Airtel and offers Rs 100 FREE talktime to Airtel subscribers for downloading the Ad software onto their mobile phones.

There are 2 ways the subscriber can have the Beep application on his/her mobile,
send a text message Beep to 52288. You receives a Wap Push Link click that url ur mobile model is detected and the related file is served to the u.

Select the mobile model and download the related Beep file to your PC from here. Then send the file from PC to mobile via Bluetooth or a Data Cable.

You will receive an SMS from Airtel confirming your Talktime update within 2-3 days from your registration.

The ad gives all the updates in regards with the news, the products, exclusive discounts, customised offers and last but not the least you get the talktime of 100 Mins(A-A).

Q: When do I receive my next incentive?
Ans: An automated program calculates the active time of a subscriber at all times. When the user will complete 720 Hrs/30 days of active time he will be sent a message confirming his next incentive.

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